This would be the second time visiting Kyoto and the second time using the night bus. I don’t remember much of what it was like the first time but I remember it being convenient, cheap, and pretty fast. Despite the convenience, the low price, and the relatively fast transportation, it was still hellish and it felt like I was flying in an airplane with zero humidity, uncomfortable seats, cramped leg space, and unnecessary announcements. The bus took three pitstops during our journey. Basically once every two hours. It was frustrating. 

We departed at Ikebukuro Station at 12:20 and I arrived at Kyoto station at 6:40

Feeling grossed out by the oiliness of my skin, I went to the basement of Kyoto Tower and checked into the public bathhouse which looked fancy on the website. It was just okay. It was rather small. People had to wait to use the hairdryer small. Nevertheless, it was a refreshing start to the day. 

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