About me:

Shui Sim (シュイ シム)

Hello there! My name is Shui and I'm a photographer currently based in Tokyo, Japan. I'm originally from a Malaysian city on Borneo Island called Kuching. Then, I moved to Japan in 2016.

Why I love doing what I do:

Photography became a bigger part of me when I moved here. I brought my camera everywhere and eventually it became a love affair. When my images evoke emotions in people who look at them, it makes me want to create more. I'm hooked on the high I got from photographing a beautiful place, an honest moment, and realizing what I could visualize in my head so that people could see what I want them to see. And seeing people looking at the images I took, retelling their interpretation or recollection of that moment in time, it is always exhilarating and motivating. So, my focus when I photograph is on communicating a spectrum of feelings. I strive to photograph in my most honest and artful way. 

I love working with people in my shoots. Send me a message! I'm happy to be your photographer if my photography speaks to you! 

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