About me:

Shui Sim (シュイ シム)

Hello there! My name is Shui and I'm a photographer currently based in Tokyo, Japan. I'm a third-generation Malaysian Chinese who grew up on Borneo Island in a city called Kuching. In the Malay language, "Kuching" sounds like the word "Kucing" which means "cat". So, it's often called the "Cat City"... even though we only have the average number of cats!  

Why I love doing what I do:

Photography became a big part of me when I moved to Japan in 2016. I brought my camera everywhere and eventually it became a love affair! l started doing honest and intimate family/couple travel photos then eventually dived into creating conscious content for an array of small businesses and purposes.  Incorporating product or clothing and location, my style developed into more emotive imagery that invokes a feeling of exploration and intimacy through the use of styling, concept and photography.

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