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  1. Things I Wish I Knew Before Staying At A Ryokan

    What is a Ryokan?  Ryokan is a Japanese Inn and it is one of the coolest hotel experiences you did not know you needed. I say this because the key difference between a hotel and a ryokan is while a hotel is a place to just lay your head for…

  2. House/Petsitting in the Japanese Countryside

    Bessho-Onsen Have you ever taken a turn and completely gone off the main road then ended up in a totally unexpected place? In December 2017, when I resigned from my job as an English teacher at a conversation school in Yokohama, Japan and had planned to explore the Kansai region,…

  3. A Day In Shinjuku

    Tokyo, a place I used to call home. It is an exciting place for both tourists and long-time residents, as there is always a new neighbourhood to explore. Tokyo might just be “too much city” out there so it can be quite overwhelming while you try to get your…

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